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about company 

Our company “ODA” provides you with guaranteed, fast, reliable and high-quality construction process.

Construction of houses, this is our business

A thorough approach to each stage of the construction allows us to save time and funds of our customers. Workers’ high qualification and experience gained over the years enable us to easily start the most difficult projects and carry them out in the shortest period of time.

Construction of houses with handing a key is so popular today as has never been before and first of all, this is confirmed by the increased number of customers on wooden and log houses. You can easily select something favorable, that is, something special for you, we are always ready to follow your steps: we will assist you in preparing the project, drawing up the estimations, provide consultations in the selection of materials and answer all the questions interesting for you.

You liked the project but you don’t have enough money? It’s not a problem either – the banks cooperating with us, will issue for you credit for constructing wooden houses with reasonable terms. But if you do not want to use the credit – call us and we will decide together how to reduce the price of the construction of your dream house without damaging the quality!

Advantages of our company

  1. Direct prices from the manufacturer without intermediaries.
  2. Ecological materials (without any chemistry).
  3. Our partners have their own production for processing and preparing the lumber.
  4. We work not only on typical projects of our site but on clients’ individual projects as well.
  5. Short terms of construction.
  6. Construction throughout the year.
  7. Guarantee on the works.
  8. A wide choice of complete sets.
  9. Working on any type of foundation.
  10. Construction of girders, as well as the projects related to carcass and roofing.
  11. In our company we constantly have sales and promotions.
  12. Qualified team are working in our company.
  13. We work seven days a week, you can call us any time convenient for you!


If you order the house in the company “ODA”, you’ll personally get preliminary agreement about the terms which is estimated especially for your project. In addition, company executives will introduce you all the information on how much time fixing, preparation and mounting work will take. Thus, you can always predict that the construction will not be prolonged for more time than suggested by you.

Company “ODA” – this is the minimized rush during the construction process and fast, quiet gradual realization for erecting the construction. Our technological resources enable us to implement the construction on simple, as well as complex, hilly and inaccesible lands. 

Company “ODA” has transparent price policy, all the costs paid by the client is calculated in advance and detailed and reasonable estimate is drawn up which allow that all the costs are assessed for the future house in advance.